The Libertarian Institute

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The Libertarian Institute is the first and at inception only so named institute dedicated to use of Libertarian tools. It helps citizens createpersonal, coalition, legal and management systems based onthe voluntary principle, and specifically on original modern Libertarianism:the personal arm of the key modern movement founders.

As such, it sets core standards to help developcompetent Libertarian or Libertarian-using community, non-partisan public officials, community leaders, firms, and teams. These systems underlie strong Libertarian teams and Libertarian-direction societies.It also helps portal information of Libertarian-interest in each country; reports best practices for rights parties and manintains a contact group; it advises and registers Political action and party committees focused on implementing the LI plan. It neither donates nor accepts money, is non-partisan, and serves to train and publicize user self-directed and autonomous effort using corebest-practice exchange projects.

A Libertarian is the modern form for a freeholder (Iberian Libertario), a citizen of full rights not needing official tutelage and committed to championing rights, just markets, and institutions of learning. Libertarian communities of old were special in alone providing justice by recognizing it demanded liberty of choice and freely selected judges, hence the name. The traditional symbol of Libertarians is also that of the Institute: the balance of justice and fair dealing in exchanges.Libertarian citizenship was revived by the Institute main founder in 1969.Libertarians in classical times were also known as deliverers or balance and justice guardians, and so sometimes called Levellers in agitating for rights.